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rocksolid / rocksolid.nodes / Re: i2pn2 spool size

o Re: i2pn2 spool sizeNeodome Admin

Subject: Re: i2pn2 spool size
From: (Neodome Admin)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.nodes
Organization: Neodome
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 15:10 UTC
Retro Guy <Retro Guy@rslight.i2p> wrote:
Neodome Admin wrote:

Perhaps ZFS might be better solution? No issues with inodes on ZFS.

I've used ZFS before and really like the ability to add partitions, etc.
to the filesystem. That's a good idea. I'm planning to expand a backup
machine local to me soon and may use ZFS.

If you don't mind me asking, what fs do you prefer for news spools
yourself, are you using ZFS?

Retro Guy

Yes, I’m running FreeBSD on ZFS. However, filesystem choice currently does
not affect my setup that much because I’m using CNFS buffers for spool
storage. However, I know some admins are using tradspool on ZFS to archive
text newsgroups and they have no issues even with very large quantities of

I always used CNFS buffers because previously I had limited space and
didn’t want to run out of it. When I moved server to bigger machine I kept
same setup because I was planning to play with some large databases and
wasn’t sure how much storage I would need for that. I think I have about 50
GBs for text groups, which gives me several months of retention.

When I started using inn, I didn't realize there were options other than
tradspool, so that's how it ran. I've been reading a bit about CNFS just
to learn and it looks good.

CNFS buffers are good if you don’t care about having less control over
expiration of articles. For example, if you have 50 GB buffer and all space
was used, new articles will just start overwriting oldest ones, thus making
sure that you won’t accidentally run out of space. It’s also harder to work
with individual articles in the CNFS buffer. If you have some kind of
script directly accessing articles in the spool you’ll have to use internal
INN program to print each article to stdout, or you’ll have to process them
as they come in.

Checking the change to increasing inodes, I see now that 5 months of text
groups is using 23% of disk space, but only 12% of inodes. So it looks
like space will now be the limitation, not inodes.

Still, ZFS makes it so easy to add space, I still need to consider it.

I would, too. Seems that ZFS was ready for production for a while.


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