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Re: impressive effort mapping eepsites


Posted: 7 Days ago by: Anonymous"

Routers are not eepsites. Eepsites are not hidden eepsites. This mapping was done on eepsites that were advertised (had a registered address with one of the jump services). And there are no 2Mio i2p routers, not even 500k, last I checked

Re: impressive effort mapping eepsites


Posted: 7 Days 10 Hours ago by: Guest"

Dude the majority of i2p sites are hidden. I just saw on NATLAS 500k routers out of 2 million. Don't confuse the "official" crap routers with what is going on. -- Posted on def3

impressive effort mapping eepsites


Posted: 9 Days 13 Hours ago by: Anonymous"

an effort done in early 2019, documented from here: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2666-i-visited-every-site-on-no-i2p-to-make-this-libreoffice-calc-excel-document-giving-descriptions-of-what-was-there You can download the ods table here: http://



Posted: 24 Days 22 Hours ago by: Anonymous"

If i2p-lite wasn't that project, wonder why jeff protects zzz so much.

Re: did you ask at zzz.i2p


Posted: 25 Days 10 Hours ago by: Anonymous"

these threads seem to suggest the opposite: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2903-0-9-46-5-fixed-blinded-encrypted-leasesets http://zzz.i2p/topics/3020-wanted-new-or-revived-router-implementations care to elaborate a bit ?

Re: None


Posted: 29 Days 16 Hours ago by: Guest"

It has been fixed as of today! It was just a matter of time... Hooray! -- Posted on def3

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