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If you stick your head in the sand, one thing is for sure, you're gonna get your rear kicked.

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Re: study


Posted: 8 Days 22 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Forget about this Hollywood nonsense. Hackers are not shamans or members of some kind of cult (well, at least most probably aren't). Yes. This is in no way comparable. While the internet is already past it's prime in terms of publicl

Re: study


Posted: 14 Days 2 Hours ago by: 711 Spooky Mart

To say there is no future, it seems you expect someone to show you a future. Presumption is the bedrock of ignorance. True hackers don't presume--they exhume--they dig for the heart bones. A true hacker does not wonder about whether the c



Posted: 17 Days 10 Hours ago by: Anonymous

Hello UBS users! According to the previously released UBS 2.0 Roadmap, we have been working hard to follow the design route. But this is not a simple ecology (or several), it will be a very important parachain in SERO 2.0. There are many

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