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rocksolid / rocksolid.nodes / Re: nice work on the overboard for rslight

o Re: nice work on the overboard for rslightRetro Guy

Subject: Re: nice work on the overboard for rslight
From: (Retro Guy)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.nodes
Organization: RetroBBS
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 03:08 UTC
On Thu, 03 Oct 2019 14:48:10 -0400
trw <> wrote:

good to read all that. soon as you have the next release of rslight i
will upgrade def2. i also see that the version of the overboard that
you run on rslight does a better job displaying the relevant lines of
the message. Posted on def3

overboard is now fully integrated into rslight. It can be
enabled/disabled in the main config file (so just one config file).

That is also where you specify if using spoolnews or not. overboard
will be disabled by default in the release, but just toggle it in the
config file.

I'm trying to make the release appropriate for new install or upgrade
(same file), so will be installing/upgrading on a test site before
release within the next week or two.

This version (0.6.3), should be installed as new and configured. There
are a lot of config file changes, and some css file changes as well.
Also, it enforces the new structure of config being outside of web
accessible directories (default /etc/rslight/) Spoolnews will run there
also, so your spool would be /etc/rslight/spoolnews/articles/*, which
is where overboard will look if you enable spoolnews.

I realize /etc/ isn't the best place, but I really don't want to have
rslight scattered all over the file system. Just /etc/rslight and the
web root. If this is a really bad idea, let me know now because I plan
to release this way unless a better idea is brought to my attention.

Retro Guy

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